Classical Media

Manufacturing of Liquid Media

Serana cell culture media is manufactured under stringent standard operating procedures. A variety of tests are performed including endotoxin, pH value, and osmolality on each lot of 0.1 µm sterile filtered media. Only batches that pass Serana’s rigorous quality control procedures are released for sale. Detailed certificates of analysis are prepared and made available for each lot produced.


All sterile filtered liquid media are filled into PET bottles of 100ml and 500ml in volume. Special filling sizes are available on customer request.

Storage and Shipping

Unless otherwise stated on the product label, Serana’s cell culture media should be stored at 2°C to 8°C for long term storage. However, short-term storage at room temperature is possible.


L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid which is required for cell culture, however, it can degrade in storage or during incubation. Therefore, Serana recommends the addition of fresh L-Glutamine to the cell culture medium at the time of use. Serana supplies frozen L-Glutamine which can be used for this reason.

Stable Glutamine

L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine contains a stabilized dipeptide form of L-Glutamine and can be metabolized by many cells in the same manner as L-Glutamine. Serana uses this stable form of L-Glutamine in many of its cell culture media.

Customized Manufacturing

In addition to Serana’s standard QC control procedures, many additional tests can be carried out upon our clients’ request. Also, should you require a component or a test that is not specifically listed, please speak to your customer representative to see if your custom request can be accommodated into our manufacturing and QC processes.


All our media is not intended for human or animal consumption or therapeutic use.

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