About Serana

Serana Europe GmbH is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cell culture products. Our dynamic, high-grade, and comprehensive product/service portfolio have made us the major and sustainable partner for a wide range of customers from the biopharmaceutical industry for the production of vaccines, therapeutic proteins and diagnostics to the Academic R&D (universities, hospitals & clinics), private research institutes and biotech companies. Our product portfolio has been expanded with animal & human blood by-products (e.g. sera, blood proteins, and treated blood), sterile liquid & powdered classical media, diagnostic products, reagents, supplements, and buffers for cell culture applications.
Cell culture is a wide biotechnological field with a very broad range of applications. A massive number of cell lines is used in biopharmaceutical and diagnostics  research and industry with different applications. Consequently, customized cell culture products with particular formulation/treatments are inevitable. In order to boost the performance of your specific processes, our experts are enthusiastically waiting for you to consult with us, so we can manufacture, and optimize/reformulate the products based on your specific needs. We will always do our best to support you to meet your budgeting and timeline constraints with our fast and efficient customer service.
Our Quality expert team guarantees the high quality of the products following the relevant guidelines and the regulatory bodies (e.g. EP, USP, GMP, ISO 13485). We are EDQM, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certified and are dedicated to continuously improve our Quality Management system. Our equipped Quality Control department also offers a wide variety of relevant biological, molecular and biochemical assays as a service.
We have certified manufacturing facilities in Germany and Australia which makes us an ideal global supplier with fast and safe delivery.

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Who We Are

Serana Europe GmbH is a privately held, ownership managed German company, established 2007 in Australia and relocated in 2015 to the German Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg. Our objective is to supply our customers not only with classical cell culture products but also with new medium formulations, new supplements and new concepts.

We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of cell culture products. We develop, manufacture and distribute our products worldwide. Our product range includes animal & human sera, classical & serum free media as well as liquid & powdered media, reagents, supplements, cytokines, buffer solutions for cell culture and diagnostic applications.

Our products are used in all areas where cell culture is performed. This includes the biopharmaceutical industry for the production of vaccines, therapeutic proteins and diagnostics. In addition, we are a major supplier to the Academic R&D (universities, hospitals & clinics), private research institutes and small biotech companies. We are committed to providing high quality, reliability, availability and service you have to expect from a leading and globally active cell culture company.

Serana's Staff

Our company has an interesting mix of local inhabitants of the Havelland region and truly international recruits. In both manufacturing and office roles, we have a mix of nationalities. We operate as a tightly bonded unit, mixing both at work as well as socially. The whole team pulls together to ensure that our products leave our gates in a timely fashion and packaged according to the most stringent requirements of our customers.

Our Facility

The Serana facility is a former agricultural business located an hour's drive from central Berlin in the village of Pessin. Extensive internal remodeling has been carried out with state-of-the-art clean rooms equipped with laminar flow cabinets being installed within the existing buildings. Whilst not as efficient as a purpose-built solution, it did allow us to to seamlessly fit into the community with minimal upheaval.

We currently operate two separate production lines as well as a laboratory for Quality Control and temperature controlled warehousing. The company recently relocated the office staff into the newly refurbished space within the facility, in order to streamline communications between departments.

Serana has recently acquired a second location within Pessin, where we are converting existing buildings to accommodate a second warehouse with different climate zones for medium and longer term storage.

Environmental Commitment


We at Serana understand the increasing importance of protecting the environment and conducting our business as sustainably as possible.
Last year we installed over 300 solar panels on the roof of our facility to offset the power requirements of our manufacturing, freezers and office equipment.
Not only have we met our own needs, we now supply electricity back to the grid thanks to the power of the sun!


For reasons of product safety, most of the raw material has to be shipped to us in plastic packaging. We endeavour to recycle as much of this as possible and separate the various materials, before shredding the plastics for transportation to an accredited recycler. The Styrofoam insulated boxes are broken also down and sent off for reprocessing. And of course we have the usual containers for cardboard and paper.

Speaking of paper, we are undergoing a process of digitalization of our manufacturing and Quality Control documentation processes in order to, as far as is possible, achieve a paperless office. Even though we must abide by the strict requirement of keeping an archive of our production on hard copy, all the internal recording and flow of information is increasingly by electronic means.