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Located an hour's drive from Berlin city centre, in the beautiful Havelland countryside, our facility is next to the B5 Hamburger Straße, just 20 minutes from the German Autobahn network at exit 26 on the Berliner Ring A10.
Access by public transport is possible via the RE2 train from Berlin Central and Spandau that stops at Nauen or the RB10 from Berlin Spandau that stops at Nauen and Friesack railway stations, where you can catch the 661 bus to Pessin.

Electronic Access

Alternatively, we have Microsoft Teams and a fully equipped meeting room to hold those video calls we have all become accustomed to. We also have experience hosting remote auditing of our Production and Quality Assurance.

Our IT department can accommodate any requirements you might have regarding video calls etc.

Serana Europe GmbH
Dorfstrasse 17A
14641 Pessin
+49 (0)332 3785 9253
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